Community Grants

As part of the Australian Government’s commitment to supporting farmers and communities deal with the uncertainty, stress and anxiety in drought affected areas, Murrumbidgee PHN (MPHN) is pleased to offer the Murrumbidgee Community Grants program.

Activities eligible for funding through the Murrumbidgee Community Grants initiative will address immediate support needs, but also foster longer term recovery and resilience. These could include community orientated wellbeing activities and training, or workforce capability development projects.

There will be three levels of grants available:

  • Up to $1,500

  • $1,501 to $10,000

  • $10,001 to $30,000

Applications for grants are open

In assessing proposals to fund community-led activities, applications will be assessed on:

  • Whether there is evidence that the proposed activity is community driven and likely to be well supported;

  • Whether the proposed activities are evidence-based or evidence-informed and likely to deliver mental health and wellbeing benefits to individuals and/or promote community resilience; and

  • Whether the proposed activities will support stigma reduction and greater access to appropriate mental health and suicide prevention services.

In assessing proposal to fund workforce capability, applications will be assessed on:

  • capacity of activities to support the local community to meet the distinct needs of rural communities and promote longer term resilience;

  • identify individuals that may need support;

  • make appropriate referrals; and

  • provide culturally appropriate mental health, social and emotional wellbeing and suicide prevention services.

In assessing all applications MPHN will also consider location of the initiative and previously funded activity as part of the evaluation process. Grant allocation is also subject to funding availability over the period of the program.

For more information about what types of activities could be eligible for funding click here.

Please note: grant funding is not available for:

  • Activities or services which duplicate existing services

  • Project which have already been funded through an alternate source

  • Reimbursement of individual costs or activities

  • Construction of new community infrastructure

  • Refurbishment, repair and maintenance of existing community infrastructure

  • Purchasing of assets

Click here to view the grants Guidance Document.

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Click here to download a hard copy application form.