April 2019 – Alcohol and Other Drugs

In April we explored issues relating to alcohol and other drug use

We heard that important issues were to be able to remain well mentally and most respondents mentioned the importance of having a healthy life with healthy food and exercise as cornerstones of them remaining well.

Improvements suggested by respondents included programs that help them stay well, in particular with a preventative focus, improvements to accessibility of information and education for health providers.

What is important to you about health?

“Accessible services which are readily available”

“Maintaining my health to the extent where I can continue to lead an independent life. As such being able to fully access health services to meet my needs (current and emerging).”

What else could happen to improve health?

“Programs aimed at people taking responsibility for their own health ongoing so they can stay well with less burden on health services”

“Easily accessible and available information”

“Improved education in ED on how to treat people & their families affected by drugs or alcohol”

Cristy Houghton