March 2019 – Older People

In March we asked people to tell us about issues for the older people of our community

Some of the key messages we heard were about making sure people know where to access services. Another issue is to work with communities to make sure the elderly are not isolated and are able to participate to exercise not only their bodies but their minds as well.

What is important to you about health?

“Having Accessible services that provide quality and consistent support”; “Pain and insomnia”; “There are A LOT living alone and quite isolated from society who would love more company but for various reasons don't get the opportunity to do so.”; “Living life to the fullest and having competent health professionals willing to assist you to do so.”

What else could happen to improve health?

“Improved transparency of available services. Often it depends on your GP whether you receive all the information to make an informed health decision.” “Education; we are attempting to educate the community on being dementia friendly, about the need to eat healthier, to exercise more to drink less and to exercise our brains as well as our bodies, with a dementia friendly community people could live longer in their communities.” “I think working with existing gyms and fitness providers to put together fitness programs targeted for older people would be a great idea. A fitness program that was time and cost convenient and was also encouraging social interaction as well as physical activity.” “I would love to see more things put in place to reconnect elderly with society. It would also be great to see these elderly maybe teaching or showcasing things that maybe they used to do and still can. Maybe a buddy system with the younger generation to teach old school skills or be invited to more social events.”

Cristy Houghton