May 2019 – Women's Health

In May some of the community and some health professionals responded to our questions about women’s health. Again we heard that access to services was an important issue that needed to be addressed in particular the need to have access to high quality services locally.

In particular improvements suggested by respondents included having specialist women’s health services including most specifically women’s reproductive health.

What is important to you about health?

“Awareness and accessibility of services. Plus health professionals who are trained and aware of conditions that affect women. We need faster, more affordable diagnosis and readily available treatments.”

“Access to health services- people don’t look after themselves or things get left to long because it isn’t always easy to get appointments.”

“Knowing and understanding our bodies, listening to them and taking a holistic approach to treating and healing them. Not just treating symptoms but going to the cause. It’s important for health professionals to work together.”

“Equitable safe and affordable access to quality care.”

“Women’s reproductive health”

“Ensuring that when my family and I require it it's accessible free (bulk billed) and the specialist are available in my local area I don't have to travel to Sydney / Canberra.”

What else could happen to improve health?

“I have Endometriosis, it took 7 years to get diagnosed. There is now a National Endometriosis Action Plan.”

“More people could be involved in local LHN committees to get info out there, and provide better feedback to the health professionals about the community health issues.”

“locally available termination of pregnancy …. more reliable access to gynae care - clinic waiting lists too long.”

“If services where local & available that be class.”

“More local health classes at varying times to suit individual needs.”

Debbie Angel