August 2019 – Mothers, Babies and Children's Health

In August we wanted to know about Mothers, Babies and Children’s health. This focus was to build upon consultations carried out earlier this year through the region about maternal health. You told us that being part of the decision making process and being included was important to be empowered by the health experience. Being able to get services when you needed them was also important. You said that being a mother can put a strain on women mentally and physically, “It is important women are mentally and physically healthy so they can be available to their children and be the best parent they can be - in doing so, enriching their children’s lives.”

When asked what could be done to improve health, you said “Having relevant and accessible information to make health decision.” and “Women need a broader range of support services during pregnancy and post birth. Providing information on how to look after babies and children, from feeding to sleeping and playing, better equipping women with a broader skill set will improve their health.”

Debbie Angel