Integrated Care Coordination (ICC)

Murrumbidgee PHN provides funding to Marathon Health to provide the Integrated Care Coordination (ICC) Program.

The aim of the Integrated Care Coordination service is to achieve improved management of chronic disease and complex health care needs, along with a reduction in unplanned admissions to hospital.

Care coordinators work with people with complex health care needs (and their carers and families) to effectively navigate the health system through the provision of relevant support and information, and linkages to other appropriate services. Care coordination also focuses on supporting self-management and health literacy, integration with general practice and other relevant members of the broader health care team.

This service targets people with complex health care needs, and/or those who are at risk of unplanned admission or re-admission to hospital. Please note: this includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons who may be ineligible for the Integrated Team Care (ITC) Program due to the eligibility restrictions in that program related to chronic disease. 

Please contact Marathon Health for further details or to make a referral.


Marathon Health – 1300 402 585