Firsthealth Limited, trading as Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network (MPHN), is an independent membership organisation established under the Corporations Act as a Company Limited by guarantee. Membership of MPHN consists of practices and other incorporated organisations with the prime  purpose of delivering and/or supporting recognised primary healthcare services within the Murrumbidgee area.

Member’s rights include to:

  • Receive notices of, have a delegate attend, speak and vote at general meetings of the company

  • Participate in a call for poll

  • Elect up to seven (7) directors to the Board

  • Propose amendments to the constitution

  • Vote on amendments to the constitution

MPHN has a skills based Board of six (6) elected and three (3) appointed directors.

Board of Directors


Dr Jodi Culbert

Jodi was a physiotherapist before returning to study and qualifying as a GP in 2011. Her interests include musculoskeletal medicine, mental health, preventative health and medical student education. Jodi is a strong advocate for the role of general practice in primary care and is currently researching physical activity promotion for adolescents at UNSW Rural Clinical School.


David Friedlieb  

Raised in Albury, a chartered accountant since 1980, in Wagga Wagga since 1989. David has specialised in family businesses and the stakeholders involved, together with individuals and community organisations. He has a strong interest in social equity and the effective delivery of targeted health services.


Dr Alam Yoosuff

Alam is a rural GP from Finley NSW with particular interests in public health, palliative care and emergency medicine. Alam has been working as the principal GP at Finley Reginal Care and GP/VMO at Finley Hospital since 2008. He is passionate about providing better health outcomes to rural remote communities in the region.


Donna McLean

Donna is a practice nurse, working in primary health care, with a Masters in Gerontology. Donna has 30 years nursing experience and is proud to be a nurse leader facilitating preventive health programs to improve health outcomes for all age groups.


Peta Larsen

Peta, an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, and has held senior health management positions across acute, primary health and community settings providing leadership to health professionals. With a passion to improve health and wellbeing, Peta contributes to clinical quality and safety as a member of the LiveBetter Clinical Governance Committee and the LikeMind Wagga consortium.


Michael Rowan

Michael is a senior executive in Griffith with a significant interest in outcomes for mental health and resilience of rural communities. Michael’s employment has given him insight into the requirements and expectations of the community in relation to health. Matters such as aboriginal health, suicide in rural areas, alcohol and drug abuse all impact on the ability to remain well and resilient, are a high priority.


Dr Jacques Scholtz

Jacques is a GP obstetrician in Cootamundra who’s also interested in family health and a strong voice for palliative care provision. He participates on MLHD and MPHN committees and is the principal/owner of a large general practice. He stands for equitable healthcare across all segments of society and works towards an integrated primary healthcare model.


Dr Faye McMillan

A proud Wiradjuri woman, Faye is Australia’s first registered Aboriginal pharmacist. She holds academic posts at Charles Sturt University and has a strong health research background. She has sound governance skills, developed in a number of Aboriginal organisations and is an inaugural Atlantic Fellow for Social Equity for the Asia-Pacific region.

MPHN Members

A full list of MPHN members can be found by clicking on the link below.

Our Councils and Committees

MPHN has established four Clinical Councils and a Community Advisory Committee to assist in the identification of opportunities to improve primary healthcare across the Murrumbidgee. These committees are an important part of the MPHN governance infrastructure and play a significant role in supporting the delivery of best practice healthcare. They also provide advice about population health planning and the commissioning of services.

The clinicians and community representatives engaged on these committees bring varied experiences and insights to assist in improved understanding of health needs and to inform service planning and delivery.