Diabetes education scholarships

MPHN is proud to be partnering with MLHD in a diabetes education and mentoring program. MPHN has offered scholarships to eight pharmacists, one practice nurse and two allied health professionals across the Murrumbidgee to support the completion of tertiary diabetes education training at a university of their choice.

This is complemented with support from MLHD’s Liz Obersteller (MLHD diabetes nurse practitioner) and Debbie Scadden (MLHD clinical nurse consultant) who are engaging with the students through collaborative learning and peer-to-peer support. Liz and Debbie recently facilitated the first mentoring session to support students in planning their required studies and clinical practice in diabetes education.

It is envisaged that through this partnership, students will complete their studies and become credentialed, resulting in improved access to primary care diabetes educators across the region.

Pitured above: Some of the scholarship recipients; Tania Bailey, Candice Bianchini, Sophie Joseph-Hauser, Erin Downey, Michelle Corkery, and Emma Marcantelli

Pictured right: Debbie Scadden and Liz Obersteller

Cristy Houghton