Congratulations Jenna


MPHN is pleased to announce that Jenna Roberts has been appointed to the part time role of Deputy Commissioner with the NSW Mental Health Commission. Jenna is MPHN’s Suicide Prevention Manager (LifeSpan) and she will continue in this role during her appointment with the Commission.

The Mental Health Commission of NSW is an independent statutory agency responsible for monitoring, reviewing and improving mental health and wellbeing for people in NSW. The Commission works with government and the community to secure better mental health and wellbeing for everyone, and to ensure the availability of appropriate supports in or close to home when people are unwell or at risk of becoming unwell.

The role of the Deputy Commissioners is to support the Commission and the mental health community by speaking up about the issues that matter to people with a mental illness, their families and carers.

Jenna is a strong and passionate advocate. Her determination and commitment to improving outcomes for communities will position her well for success in her new role with the commission.

Read: media release and about Jenna Roberts

Debbie Angel