Working together for commissioning for vulnerable populations

MPHN is pleased to release its Vulnerable Population’s Framework – Working together for commissioning for vulnerable populations.


MPHN has a strong commitment to applying a lens to commissioning activities that identifies and addresses the needs of socially disadvantaged people in the MPHN region.

Principles that underpin and support these efforts are:

  • Working to address inequality through raising awareness and increase access through developing the capacity and capability of our staff and our providers.

  • Extensive consultation and systematic analysis of data and information through our health needs assessment (HNA) process.

  • Identification of vulnerable populations – such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, culturally and linguistically diverse, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or intersex, homeless people, mentally unwell people, elderly isolated people, veterans and those exiting the justice system – and working to ensure they are not marginalised and excluded from accessing services.

  • Working with local communities to identify local and emerging issues associated with social disadvantage and address specific local needs through co-design.

  • Committing to ‘wrap-around’ care and support ensuring a person is at the centre of their care and through commissioning will encourage innovative programs across the health and social sectors.

  • Fostering cooperative relationships to ensure all children across the region have access to the building-blocks of a self-defining and self-fulfilling life.

  • Collaborating with other organisations to establish broad inter-sectoral support to advocate for public policies that address current socio-environmental issues that have impact upon the health of individuals and communities in our region.

  • Creating viable and sustainable programs that address the needs and aspirations of our communities.

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Debbie Angel