MPHN launches Murrumbidgee Pitch Night

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Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network (MPHN) is pleased to launch its Pitch Night initiative, providing grassroots funding for activities aimed at improving community health and wellbeing.

MPHN CEO Melissa Neal said the inaugural Pitch Night will be held in Griffith on Thursday 2 May and three organisations will be given the opportunity to pitch their ideas on the night and receive MPHN funding. Participants will assist MPHN determine the funding each finalist receives, with each finalist expected to receive around $25,000 in one-off grant funding.

“Pitch Night is an event MPHN is hosting for community-driven and locally-based organisations to pitch their innovative ideas, and enable the broader community to make decisions about what initiative best meets the health needs of their communities,” Ms Neal said.

“Our aim is to provide one-off grant funding for organisations to establish innovative projects that not only meet the needs of the community, but could act as a catalyst for implementation in other communities across the region.

“For this first Pitch Night we’re looking for grassroots activities to address community health and wellbeing like getting people moving through exercise or physical activity, healthy eating, supporting mental health and wellbeing, and reducing harmful lifestyle behaviours like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

“Applications are now open and I would encourage organisations from around our region to submit their pitches. A shortlisting and selection panel will follow and three finalists will be invited to attend our inaugural Pitch Night. By the end of the evening it’s expected each finalist will receive at least $25,000 in one-off grant funding,” she said.

MPHN is being supported by The Funding Network, a charity itself, providing guidance and sharing its experiences in running successful pitch nights around the country.

The Funding Network’s General Manager Tom Hull said Pitch Night will provide the finalists with much more than just funding.

“Finalists will receive professional pitch coaching arming them with techniques to engage listeners and inspire action lasting longer than the actual event,” Mr Hull said.

“In our experience the event acts as a platform for sharing organisational stories with new audiences expanding their reach, and boosting community confidence for the work of the finalists.

“Many people walk away with new professional and community connections helping them grow their support network and ultimately their impact,” he said.

Applications close at 3pm on Thursday 21 March 2019, for more information click here, or to submit your pitch click here.

Monica McInnes