Introducing Fuel Your Life

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After a comprehensive review into how allied health services are funded across the region, and subsequent tender process to establish the new Murrumbidgee Wellness and Resilience model of care, MPHN is pleased to announce Fuel Your Life as the lead contractor to deliver this activity.

MPHN CEO Melissa Neal said plans are in place to ensure existing patients are transitioned smoothly to ensure continuity of care.

“As part of our agreement with Fuel Your Life the initial priority is for the smooth transition of existing clients, which, in some instances will see no change in their allied healthcare professional attending to their care,” Ms Neal said.

“We are pleased many of our existing allied health operators and existing services hosts will be engaged by the new provider to deliver services under this new model of care.

“What we learned from the allied health review was, aside from reducing barriers to access, costs and long wait times, people were concerned about workforce shortages and want improved coordination of care between all allied health services.

“We know some chronic health conditions may require more than one allied health profession to be involved in the overall treatment, and the appointment of Fuel Your Life as the lead contractor for the Murrumbidgee Wellness and Resilience model will help facilitate this.

“In addition three Health Linker roles will be appointed across the region to help people accessing allied health services connect with the right service for them and also help support the allied health workforce by creating strong networks between providers.

“Over the coming weeks, existing healthcare operators and service hosts will be approached by Fuel Your Life to look at opportunities to be engaged in the new model,” she said.

Services under this model will commence from 1 November 2019.

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Debbie Angel