HNA Live

Welcome to HNA Live. HNA Live is taking the pulse on health services across the Murrumbidgee region. We want to hear from consumers of health care services or carers of people using health care services and health professionals about what's working well and what's not working well.

What is HNA Live?

HNA Live allows community members and healthcare professionals of the region let us know in real time their concerns about emerging health issues. To put it simply, it is taking the pulse on health issues and services in the Murrumbidgee region. We want to hear about what’s working well for you and what’s not working well.

MPHN takes a person centred approach to identifying the health needs of the people who live in its region. We value well people and resilient communities. One of the most important ways in which we measure if we have the right services in the right places at the right time is by asking people of the Murrumbidgee to give us feedback about what they need.

Why is this important?

Primary Health Networks are commissioners of health services. At its simplest, commissioning is the process of planning, agreeing, funding and monitoring services. Central to this is the health needs assessment (HNA).

How can you help?

Each month we will ask the people of the Murrumbidgee a couple of questions about a specific group of people.


In November, we are focusing on farmers’ health

We want to know:

What is important to you about farmers’ health?
What else could happen to improve farmers’ health?

At the end of each month we will collate all of the things you tell us and put a summary here on this website. So don't forget to check back regularly and see how your thoughts and experiences have helped.

What you told us

How else can you be involved in shaping your communities healthcare services?

There are other ways you can let us know what you are thinking or about your experiences. From time to time we will be seeking feedback on specific health topics, some of these include, mental health, after hours care, advance care directives, specific health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, respiratory disease, musculo skeletal disorders, heart disease and stroke.

We might email you a very short survey or send you a short text. If you would like to be invited to participate in feedback on any of these topics please register with us. We will make sure when using your information we don’t identify you unless you give us permission to do so.

Click on the button below to be taken to a page where you can register to be contacted for your feedback on specific health issues.

If you want to make a comment not related to the topic of the month you can click on the button below to be taken to a general feedback page.

At the MPHN we have a dedicated team of people who work with communities and health service providers throughout the region. From time to time our providers may, when meeting up with you face to face, ask you to talk about your thoughts and experiences of health in a short recording. If you agree these recordings may be posted here on this webpage so that the people of the region can see the value in asking the community about their health needs and experiences of service.

Your thoughts, your experiences and your needs matter to us

MPHN collects information in accordance with Privacy legislation, you can read our privacy policy here