Immunisation Program

The Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network Immunisation Program works with stakeholders and supports general practices to deliver quality vaccination services, with the overall goal of improving immunisation coverage rates throughout MPHN boundaries. Currently, Murrumbidgee childhood immunisation rates are the highest in the country

MPHN Immunisation Program
General Practice Support
General Practice Visits
Data Logging Service
Immunisation Schedule
Immunisation Handbook
Vaccine Information Sheet
Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)
Cold Chain Management
Seasonal Influenza
Practice Nurses and Immunisation

MPHN Immunisation Program

The Immunisation program: 

  • Assists and encourages general practices to maintain high immunisation coverage in their patient population to reduce the incidence of vaccine preventable infection diseases

  • Supports General Practices to transfer immunisation encounter information to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) electronically

  • Promotes best practice in immunisation

  • Disseminates resources and facilitates interdisciplinary education activities

General Practice Support

We support general practices to:

  • Maintain high standards of cold-chain management in accordance with the National Guidelines to ensure vaccine efficacy

  • Deliver immunisation services in accordance with the National Immunisation Program and the NSW Immunisation Schedule

  • Adopt a sustainable approach to reporting immunisation encounters to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)

  • Optimise child immunisation coverage rates through review of overdue children and recall and reminder services

We provide practice support to assist general practice to manage immunisation schedules, catch-ups and cold chain management effectively. We provide in-practice education for: 

  • vaccine cold chain management – we provide in-practice education, assessment and advice on vaccine cold chain management to assist your practice to effectively manage these biological substances.

  • data management – the management of immunisation records is essential to avoid unnecessary work for staff following up overdue immunisation or parenting payments being affected. We provide education and assistance on immunisation reporting requirements.

General Practice Visits

The Immunisation Program Officers can visit practices to assist with:

  • Supporting immunisation providers with information and resources

  • Supporting practices to review lists of children overdue for immunisation

  • Providing training regarding AIR online access

  • Advice and support in the event of a cold-chain failure

  • Onsite visits to conduct training on cold chain procedures

  • Assistance with data logging of vaccine fridges for accreditation, cold chain breaches and installation of new refrigerators

  • Data logger support and demonstrations

Data Logging Service

  • MPHN encourages all General Practices to have their own data logger, however we can provide a data logger on loan if required to general practices.

Immunisation Schedule

  • NSW Health Immunisation Schedule

  • NSW Immunisation Schedule with dose numbers

  • Additional Commonwealth and NSW-funded free vaccines

  • National Immunisation Program Schedule 0 - 4 years Poster

  • Immunisation commonly observed reactions tear off pads (can be ordered on Immunise Australia website)

  • Recommended Sites for Childhood Vaccination in NSW

  • Foreign Language Terms - aids to translating foreign immunisation records

Immunisation Handbook

Vaccine Information Sheet

  • National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance (NCIRS) - fact sheets

  • Q Fever information for GPs

Cold Chain Management

  • Strive for Five - National Vaccine Storage Guidelines 2013

  • Cold Chain Breach Protocol Poster

  • Cold Chain Management and Power Failure

  • Vaccine Storage Management (UPS, Coolers and Thermometers)

  • Vaccine Fridge Temperature Chart Twice Daily Log

  • QCPP Compliant Vaccine Refrigerators 2017

  • Data Logger Information Sheet

  • How to check the calibration of your min/max thermometer

  • Moving Premises - Cold Chain Management

  • Annual Self Audit - Vaccine Management and Storage

  • HETI Vaccine Storage and Cold Chain Management online training module

Seasonal Influenza

Practice Nurses and Immunisation

  • Immunisation Course for Registered Nurses

  • NSW Health – Policy Directive. Immunisation Services – Authority for Registered Nurses and Midwives


Jacinta Rynehart

Immunisation & Clinical Support Officer
02 6923 3156